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Seller Support

Seller Support

Account Health

Account Health


$15 Million USD under management. We run ads for distributors of firms like Everlast, Disney, Warner Bros., the NFL and Inc. 500 companies. 
If they can trust us, you can too.

Dr Steven Gabriel 


“Anybody who wants to, or is even considering working with you guys, I would say, you should do this, it's phenomenal!” 

Watch Dr Steven's Full Review Here

Complete Coverage Ads

How Our Advertising Helped ACI & Everlast

Creative Converting Content

Listing and EBC
Amazon Storefront
Video Content

Grant Yim

Stripe Bird

“We knew the advertising was very important to start driving sales on the platform… We found AsteroidX on Google and were very skeptical at first. AX was the most transparent, least salesy, and we able to start showing us results after the first month. We no longer see them as outsourced campaign managers but essential business partners”
Watch full review here: Grant Yim (Stripebird)

Seller Support

Helping You Help Your Customers

Customer Messaging

We log into Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging System to answer all of the customer service questions that you receive. Even on weekends.

Negative Feedback Removal

We use Amazon’s “request removal” system on negative feedback.

Request Reviews

From your Orders page, we follow up for reviews on products purchased more than 2 weeks back, sending review requests to shoppers.

Voice of the Customer

Instances of NCX (Negative Customer Experience) on the SKU level. These are products that are in danger of suspension, costing the seller revenue. 

Ken Wilson


”I’ve used Amazon for a year now, and its complicated, its hard, and it takes a lot of my time and I do not enjoy doing it. I decided to outsource the management to the team at AX and they’ve done an amazon job! My sales are through the roof and my ACoS dropped…
My Sales 5X from month 1 to month 3!”
Watch full review here: Ken Wilson (Trappify)

Account Health

Let Us Manage Your Day-to-Day Operations

Customer Service Performance

Find orders that have been placed that had defects (like Negative Feedback, A-to-Z Guarantee claims, Chargeback claims) flag them, and follow up on those cases

Product Policy Compliance

Amazon sometimes flags and removes products (or parts of listings) for compliance reasons. We detect these issues and raise cases for them. We may ask the seller for documentation to help with the case if required

Shipping Performance (FBM Sellers Only)

We’ll detect weaknesses in their Late Shipment Rate, Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate, Valid Tracking Rate, and On-Time Delivery Rate. If their shipping metrics are below desired levels, we’ll notify the seller and have them make the appropriate change

Orders with Defects

Flag negative customer experiences and follow up with those customers’ order numbers to make things right with the customer (in alignment with your refund and return policy 


We ensure you keep your
Premium Shipping Status with Amazon. If you lose it, your store will have a bad time.

FBA Reimbursements

Amazon sometimes damages goods in their warehouses, receives returned items that are broken, etc. Amazon does not reimburse the seller for damaged or missing inventory UNLESS the seller notices a discrepancy and launches a ticket. That’s what we do on their behalf.

Pricing Health

We find SKUs that have lost the Buy Box due to pricing, and make recommendations as to how to fix them.

Inventory Restock

Find which SKUs are running out of stock (or already out), and email you Amazon’s recommended quantity to send in as well as the date you should ship them in

Excess Inventory

We find the SKUs that have been in Amazon FBA fulfillment centres for a LONG time (e.g. over 365+ days). You know what hurts? Amazon charges storage fees every month for every SKU that’s taking up space in FBA.

Fix Stranded Inventory

When products become “stranded” in Amazon FBA (e.g. label torn off box; product is returned and in the meantime the listing is removed from Amazon) we remove them so Amazon doesn’t charge fees anymore.

Reconcile Inbound FBA Shipments

Say a seller sends in 100 units, but Amazon only says they sent in 90. Who’s right? Amazon may be right, but why leave things to chance? We scan shipments into Amazon FBA to find: (1) how many units were sent in vs. (2) how many units Amazon received. And if there’s a difference (i.e. Amazon claims to have received fewer than we sent) we can request a refund for this.

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